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A Twin Cities Window Cleaning Company

Working with You as Your Ally

As your ally we want to serve you by accomplishing your needs, taking the time to listen to you, and finding cleaning solutions for your business.

Our employees have extensive training and decades of experience.

We are experts in Swing Stage, Bosun Chair, Aerial Lift and Ladder Work.  Our commitment to exceptional services is what sets us apart from the competition.

Through our dedication to a quality job done right, we believe in creating long-lasting relations with both commercial and residential customers.   It’s our goal that we may become your partner in window cleaning and property services.

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Apex North LLC Team

Responsibility at Our Core

At Apex North we understand how big of a deal it is to give someone access to your building.  This is why we only hire the most responsible workers.    A lot of companies can impress you with their salesman or manager.  You know that all too often the workers they send do not meet your standards.

Who would you hire?  A company that would rather pay a new worker less, or a company that values experience.  At Apex North, we believe experience equals competence.  In turn, that provides peace of mind for both us and our customers.

The Twin Cities Metro area is our community.  It is where our families make their home.  At Apex North, we believe in not only being a part of the community, but taking care of it as well.

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